How to pay
Explanation of the way to pay
You can pay only by "PAYPAL", which is a safe system for settling accounts and you can use it all over the world.
How to pay "the price of wigs", "equipments", and "the repair costs of wigs"
You can pay only by "PAYPAL".
Payment day
If you order a wig, please pay the whole price of it.
After we check your payment, we start to make your wig at our factory, so please pay as soon as possible.
How to deliver
We deliver the products by International mail, EMS.
Shipping charge
If the sum total of the price of your buying is more than 15,000$in US dollars, the shipping charge will be free.
About when we deliver
If you buy equipments, we deliver from Japan after we check your payment.
But if the product is out of stock, it can take to deliver it to you for 30 days. Thank you for your understanding.
In case of a wig, we contact you about sending after it is completed.
But if there is something wrong such as a correction, a repair, or a remodeling when we check the complete wig, we can be behind in delivering it.
In that case, Natural CO..,Ltd. will contact you. Thank you for your understanding.