Q&A about a wig
Q&A about a wig ≫ About how to order
I have to take measurements by myself at home. Isn't it difficult?
Very easy!

Natural Co., Ltd. made a system which identifies a form of a full wig only by taking the size of the head measurements with a tape measure.

In this way, anyone will easily do, and you can do by yourself.

When you finish to take measurements, choose specifications in order through the Internet, and you can easily order the products at home.

Until now, when you order a custom-made wig by mail order, you have to block the hair.

It seemed almost impossible to block the head by yourself. Besides, it appealed to your sense of shame and it is difficult that you had other person block your head.

Moreover, a professional usually blocks, so it is difficult for an amateur. If you have done so until now, this is the best product for you.