Writing about the Specifield Commercial Transactions Law Here is the homepage of Natural Co., Ltd.@@http://www.natural.co.jp/
Distributor:Natural CO.,Ltd.
General person responsible for operation: HONDA Yukie
Address:Fukuoka Art Center 507, 3-1-18, Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone number: 092-400-4157 FAX number:092-291-7097
How to pay "the price of wigs", "equipments", and "the repair costs of wigs"
You can pay only by "PAYPAL".
Payment day
If you order a wig, please pay the whole price of it.
After we check your payment, we start to make your wig at our factory, so please pay as soon as possible.
How to deliver
We deliver the products by International mail, EMS.
Shipping charge
If the sum total of the price of your buying is more than 15,000in US dollars, the shipping charge will be free.
About when we deliver If you buy equipments, we deliver from Japan after we check your payment.
But if the product is out of stock, it can take to deliver it to you for 30 days. Thank you for your understanding.
In case of a wig, we contact you about sending after it is completed.
But if there is something wrong such as a correction, a repair, or a remodeling when we check the complete wig, we can be behind in delivering it.
In that case, Natural CO..,Ltd. will contact you. Thank you for your understanding.
About a sales term
Minors cannot buy without their parentsf agreements.
About return returning, exchanging, and cancel
If there is something wrong with equipments or electric appliance, please contact us in five days after they are delivered your home. Wefll exchange them with new ones.
A custom-made wig of Natural CO..,Ltd. is full custom-made. You cannot cancel your order after your ordering because of the nature of the product.
If the products are different from your image, you cannot return them.
About repairing a wigEEEYou cannot cancel after you pay a repairing charge.
Terms of return returning, exchanging, and cancel
You cannot return, exchange, or cancel your order after your ordering because of the nature of the custom-made product.
About guarantee of the products
If your complaint is about a new wig (in a month after delivering it), we will repair it by hand.If we cannot repair it by hand, we will exchange it with a new one.
The case that you cause the problem is excepted. But when Natural admits to a mistake, it will be excepted.
About an guaranteed products
a custom-made wig
About the limit of the guaranteed price
The limit of the guarantee price is the one of the product which you contracted.
We donft guarantee your transportation fees to the hair salon, hotel charges, or consolation money for a your hair and mental problem.
About guaranteed term
About a custom-made wig, we guarantee an early problem in a month.
The guaranteed contents are applicable to a tear of a net when you use it normally and loss of hair of the wig. It depends on our standard.
About the products which we don't guarantee
About loss of hair, it is especially lost from a part in the hair in brushing. We donft guarantee the damage by rough brushing and the hair damage by excessively brushing. Please take great care.
The usual condition of using it means normal life. For example, if you work at hot workplace everyday because of the nature of your job and your wig is exposed to the heat, if you leave your wig on a hot stove or fireplace and damage it, and if you pour bath oil or a cleaner on your wig and damage itc,we wonft guarantee your wig. Donft wash your wig in the water with bath oil left in the tub. It may transform.
The passing of the years naturally discolors a resin base, so this discoloration is not guaranteed.
Article hair always fades, so this is not guaranteed. Besides, crinkle of article hair is not also guaranteed, so please take care of excessively brushing.
We donft guarantee a net of the products. This can be easily broken if you brush excessively. Please take great care.
A tangle of hair is not guaranteed. When you treat your hair, you should give your hair a treatment or conditioner in order to keep it from tangling. If you give your hair charged polishing hair treatment at a hair salon once some months, you can keep your wig beautiful a long time. You should do so.
We get rid of the case which you cause or Natural doesnft have any responsibility. For example, you damaged your wig because of your wrong brushing, shampoo or coloring, and keeping.
Even if the product is different from your image, we wonft guarantee it. Besides, When you have the hair salon contracted with Natural cut your wig, hold preliminary close discussions with your stylist and cut it. Unless you tell your stylist your demand closely, you may have some trouble such as cutting much shorter than your demand. Natural doesnft have a responsibility to your cut at the contracted hair salon. Please hold preliminary close discussions with your stylist
We repair your wig as requested as possible, but we donft always guarantee the extent to which the repair is finished. Your wig can be in several conditions because of made in another company, how old it is, and how damaged it is. After your wig is repaired, we wonft guarantee it.
About how to maintain
Wash your wig moderately. If you use it everyday, wash it once a week to 10 days. Whenever you sweat profusely in summer, wash it softly along the the flow of the hair. If you leave it dirty, its hair can be harden , get tangled up, and be stuck because of a chemical reaction when you wet it with water.
The other escapes clauses
Even if what we donft have a responsibility causes a delay or inability to perform a sales contract over the Internet, we wonft have any responsibility. The case is such as a natural disaster, a war, a riot, a civil war, other inevitability, change or enactment of law, command or disposal of a public authority, an industrial action, an accident of a means of transportation or a telecommunications line, an accident in keeping, default of obligation by a supplier, a delay of clearance and entrance, and so on.
If we donft make products you ordered because of such a case, you can cancel this sales contract unconditionally. In this case, we will return all the payment you have already paid.
If your wig doesnft agree with your skin, please stop using. So do equipment.
Change this agreement
Our company sometimes changes this agreement suitably responding with necessity. We will inform you about a changed agreement on our homepage and we will consider this information as the finish changing the agreement.
The applicability of this agreement
This agreement can be applicable only in the case of the transaction in Japan.