How to wear a wig
How to wear an under net

@ABriefly, let a net through to the neck.

Wear the net on the head like pulling up the net from the neck. Let out the ears. After tie up your hair, wear the net.

CAt the end, you can fix it by a single pin. But please mind you donft catch the single pin on the net back of the wig when you take off your wig. If you do so, the net can be torn.

DIn this photograph, she wears the net to the very limit of a part in the hair. When you fix it by a pin, however, shift the pin about 2cm back from a part in the hair.

If you have your own hair, use an under net, and you can more easily wear a wig. On the other hand, if you put out your own hair from the edge and the hair of a wig and cause your own hair to harmonize with it, this will be natural. Please try both of them.

Even if you donft use an under net, you can fix it by a pin if your own hair is short or less.

Look at the hair volume line where you gather hair from at a distance. And check gwhether your hair doesnft go too far to one side or noth or gwhether your hair is gathered at the parietal region of the head or noth.
How to wear a wig
1EThe height of the forelocks
From the three fingers to a half and three fingers from the highest peak of the arch of an eyebrow@If you are old and the arch has receded, wear a wig at the four fingers from the peak of the arch, and it looks natural.
It differs from a customer, so please deal with it according to the case by case.
If you wear a wig bending forward, youfll inadvertently wear the forelocks deeper and it will look unnatural because the forehead becomes too narrow. This is the biggest cause of having your wig revealed. If you may have such a habit, take great care.

Check whether the height of one sideburns is as long as the other side in a mirror or not. Besides, you may surprisingly overlook a twist in the depths. Please look down it.

REDonft fail to watch from 3 points (the front, the sides and the upper side)
Check whether you suitably wear a wig from 3 points (the front, the sides and the upper side) or not. Depending on a customer, the height of the ear may be different from the other side.
Donft fail to check in a mirror and set the sideburn parallel to the other side. Fix them with pins for sideburns tightly.

If you donft have your own hair, put off gpinsh, which is equipped (by cutting the thread) and fix it by another tape. In such a case, a part of materials at which you can stick tape of the inclination is very thin, so please cut the thread not to tear it by the edge of a blade.