How to keep a wig in good condition
How to have a wig in its keeping
It takes a long time to touch up a wig or a hairpiece which has got kinked. When you have it in its keeping, you should keep it on an exclusive wig stand in order to keep it from getting touch up.
How to shampoo a wig
You should basically wash artificial hair (heat-resistance fiber) in water. In the case of human hair, wash it in lukewarm water.
How to dry a wig
When you mop up water with a cloth, the hair will get tangled if you put your strength into your arm in the way to mop up your own hair. What is important is mopping up it softly.
After mopped up, you should basically dry it naturally.
How to brush a wig
It is a knack to use a brush whose coarse is sieve and nib of the comb is round and to brush it softly in the same direction.
If you pull caught hair by force, this will cause hair loss and its deterioration.
Setting up the hair
A wig has some different points from ones of your own hair, so you have to take care in setting up it.
In order to keep the curl in a long time in earnest, please have a perm at a hair salon contracted Natural. (For a charge)
Hair coloring
You can dye artificial hair in the same way as your own hair. But white hair is artificial hair, so you cannot dye it. You cannot dye artificial hair.
Loss of color
Human hair naturally fades as well as real human hair. For example, color of hair ends is different from one near the root of a hair even in the case of real human hair.
Necessity for a spare
If you use a wig or a hairpiece every day, you will need a spare in order to repair or maintain it.
Tape and pins for a wig or a hairpiece
Here is the lineup of tape and pins for a wig or a hair piece which Natural Co., Ltd. handles.
Artificial hair (heat-resistance fiber) is combustible and it easily burns, so please take great care of heat from fire. (It can resist heat of a curling iron.)

Don’t wear a wig made of artificial hair at a sauna.
Don’t enter a sauna as you wear it. Besides, don’t leave it where can become at a high temperature such as where is exposed to the direct sunlight.
Human hair is also damaged in such a case, and if you use a pin, it can get at high temperature, so you should avoid leaving it there.

Brushing a wig strongly can cause loss of hair, so don’t do so.
Besides, when you wear a wig, brush its hair softly.

When you take heavy exercise or contact exercise, your wig can get off, so please take care.

When little children use wigs, please lead children to use them safely. There is need to take care by guardians.

If you should feel an abnormal symptom with your skin such as a skin rash or itchiness, stop using.
When you go to bed at night, please put off a wig and keep it on a wig stand. This is care for the scalp and the wig.