How to shampoo a wig
How to maintain a wig@@How to shampoo a wig
Wash a wig or a hairpiece in the same direction softly.
You should basically wash artificial hair (heat-resistance fiber) in water.
In the case of human hair, wash it in lukewarm water.

Brush away a hair tangle and dust from a wig or a hairpiece.
After do so, wash it by tapping or pressing softly in water with shampoo.
Donft scrub the skin in the way to wash your own hair.
If you do so, the hair of the wig will get into the back net, and youfll feel thick wool when you wear it.

If the upper hair gets into the back net, comb it as you pick it up from hair roots and put it out.
If you leave it as it is, the more hair gets into the back net, the more difficulty you have changing back.

Donft wash it in the water left in the bathtub with bath oil.
The wig can change its shape.

In the case of human hair, Shampoo the wig once a week or 10 days.
If you shampoo it ever day, it can fade easily, and its fat will drain out and it will become dry and unruly.
Too much shampoo will damage artificial hair. Its coating will peel off and the hair will be damaged.

If you donft wash a wig in a long time or sweat profusely in summer, its hair will change from gsmooth hairh to gbristly hairh.
That looks unnatural, so you should wash your wig depending on the condition of it whether you wash it these days or not.