How to brush a wig
How to maintain a wig ≫ How to brush a wig
How to brush a wig・Points to be paid attention
Softly brush a wig from the nape to the top of the head in order little by little.

If it gets tangled, don’t pull it by force. Put it in order by brushing and comb it softly.

Put it in order by blowing it with cool air of a dryer or using an iron for straight hair.

In the case of using an iron

Artificial hair: Aim at about 160℃. If it becomes at high temperature over 180℃, it can get soft.
Human hair: Aim at about 120℃.

When you cannot prevent it from getting tangled, all you can do is to cut the tangled hair end.
When the hair end is wavy, cut it, too.

In the case of curl, brush every tuft of the curl softly.
If you brush all together, the tuft will fall apart. Please take care.

You should use a brush which prevents static electricity.

Conditioner makes its sliding smooth.