Hair coloring
How to maintain a wig ≫ Hair coloring
You can dye human hair.
You can dye human hair.
But white hair is artificial hair, so you cannot dye it.

※人工毛はHair coloringできません。
You cannot dye artificial hair.
In the case of mixing, its hair volume is often less, 30%. Even if you dye the wig, it will be less effective.
If you are worry about dying, please dye your wig at a hair salon contracted Natural. (For a charge)
You shouldn’t change the color of your wig.
You can color it darker. But if you want to color it darker, you once have to remove color before dying it, so the color of your wig will be damaged.

You can dye Remy hair both darker and brighter. But coloring itself will damage the hair. Please take care.

Don't choose deep-black hair dye.
Don’t choose deep-black hair dye.
Especially, if you color your wig with too deep black in a long time, it will be “a very convincing wig” and unnatural finish.

Take care not to adhere hair dye to a base of a part in the hair of the wig.

If you do so, the hair dye will be a black point and very unnatural.
In order to prevent this, dye it from a bit upper point of a part in the hair.

Pay attention to how long you dye the wig.
Each maker indicates how long you should dye.
But it takes a shorter time in summer than in winter.
Watch the condition of dying the hair and be careful not to dye it too much.
Too much dying will make the hair of the wig scattered and it will be an irreparable.

At the very end, give your hair a treatment.
In the case of human hair, give your hair a treatment after you remove hair dye in lukewarm water.
The dyed hair is damaged, so give it a treatment and keep its shine.