Necessity for a spare
How to maintain a wig ≫ Necessity for a spare
If you use a wig every day, you should buy a spare wig.
When you repair your wig, you’ll need it.
When your wig gets damaged and you think “I want to repair it!”, you can send it for repair if you have a spare wig.
And, in fact, there is another way; to make full use of it until it needs repair and buy a new wig.
In this way, however, you will be confused when an unexpected event happens; your wig burns.
It takes about 30days〜50days to make a custom-made wig. Please take care.
Use two wigs alternately, and you can keep a wig in a long time
There is a way to use two wigs alternately.
If you continue to use a wig all the time, the wig will have absolutely no time to rest and it will cause various bacteria.
If you use two wigs alternately, you can keep them in a long time and enjoy two hairstyles.
It is also good to use a wig whose net is rough in summer, and use one whose net is fine in winter.