Tape and pins for a wig or hairpiece
How to maintain a wig ≫ Tape and pins for a wig or a hairpiece
Disposal tape for a wig or a hairpiece for one day
It is made by 3M Com.(America) and it is used on all over the world market.

It is a disposal type in a day.

It is 25 millimeters long by 75 broad. Cut it into a size easy to use.

Cut this with scissors into an optional size and use it.

Usually, you should cut one sheet into 4 or 5 ones.
A disposal roll of strong tape for a wig for three days
It is a new style of tape which you can use for three days.

It is made only for a wig, and this double-sided tape is most often used.

It is two meters long by 18 millimeters. You can cut it to use as many as you need, so there is little waste.
The most strong tape for a wig
It is very strong tape.

It is for a wig whose part in the hair is saw by rising the forelocks.

You can use it for about two weeks without putting it out from a wig, but it will cause dirt and a bad smell, so you should avoid putting it on a wig for a long time.
Pin for a wig
The upper photograph is a small size, a type to hold a plane.

It is 29millimeters long by 13 millimeters (to the edge). It is for a small item based on NPU around a wig.

The lower photograph is a normal size, a type of using generally.
It is 31 millimeters by 17 millimeters (to the edge).